Dear friends,

When I first began my own chamber series 18 years ago, I dreamed of putting together programs of music I loved with world-class colleagues IMG_1429and artists. What I soon realized was that the series afforded me a creative outlet that playing in orchestras could not: the chance to bring to my new community an intimate concert experience, one that would make a difference in their lives. Along the way we brought into our circle hundreds of music lovers from far-flung towns who recognized something unique in our special brand of unstuffiness – a combination of high jinks, serious music-making, and plenty of personal connection.

2014 has been a thrilling year for us. Last year we made the transition to a new name, Mistral, which strengthened our identity as a performing ensemble; and we made the Boston area our second home. We couldn’t be happier about the response we’ve received. The emails I read from you the morning after every concert (in bed with giant coffee and my laptop) tell me that you keep coming back not only for the caliber of our artists and thematic programming, but for our introductions, the anecdotes, the laughs, the Q & A’s, and the rapport you feel with our artists.  Six additional Boston concerts, world-renowned artists, and a new executive director heads us in a direction of energized growth.

    Thank you for considering a  donation in any amount to help keep us on this path. Music is not a luxury:     it is essential to our spirits and it can connect us to the deepest part of our  humanity. 
I am, as always, deeply touched by your generosity and support over the years. Thank you clicking below to make a tax-deductable donation online and help us keep the music going. 

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Or send a check  to Mistral, PO Box 5075, Andover MA  01810. As small token of thanks, for donations of $100 or more, we’ll send you our latest release coming soon,  Dvorak and Faure Piano Quartets, from last April’s & September’s concerts.  On behalf of Nora Pelt, our Executive Director, and our board and Boston/Brookline council, my warmest wishes to you for a peaceful and joyous New Year!

Julie (I always love to hear from you!)
MISTRAL, PO Box 5075, Andover,  MA 01810