Dear Friends,

As I write this message during Thanksgiving weekend, with my two kitties, Daphne and Chloe, obsessively surveying the bird feeder, a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea next to a multitude of candles on the coffee table, and an intoxicating scent of an apple tart wafting from the kitchen, I feel a renewed sense of gratitude for all the good things in my life, and fortunate beyond measure to love the work I do – namely to seek out beautiful pieces that will you will love as much as I do, and find spectacular musicians to perform them.

But we all feel it: times are uncertain and frightening right now. And it is sometimes difficult to see beyond acts of hatred which seem to threaten our deepest national and human values.   

You honor us with your presence tonight. It means we as musicians still have an important role to fill. It means you have put aside your list of chores and errands this time of year to come together with loved ones and friends to listen to these Baroque gems – which are at times uplifting, at times heart-wrenching, but always, miraculously, are able to connect us to the deepest part of our humanity. Whatever our political persuasions or beliefs, music communicates across boundaries, and we experience it together.

I cannot thank you enough for the enormous part you play, not only by filling these seats, and giving us such a warm welcome, but by remembering us in your year-end charitable giving. Mistral could not exist without your deep generosity, and this year, due to my ambitious programming to celebrate our 20th season in style (have you seen our April program?), we have to work even harder to make ends meet. Thank you for embracing our own special brand of the unstuffy, intimate concert experience, and for assuring that Mistral will continue into its third decade!  Wishing you the happiest of holidays and see you in 2017!                                      

Julie     PS I always love to hear from you.

For your donation of $250 or more we’ll send you our brand new Baroque Big Band Double CD that includes highlights from our 2012-2015 holiday concerts. Those who recently sent in a gift, we’ve got you covered!