Dear friends,

Welcome to Mistral!

What began as a casual grant proposal 21 years ago to launch a new chamber series has turned into a life-consuming project, a turn in my artistic path that would become my Magnificent Obsession. My musical life, which used to be a juggling act of playing ballets, operas,  new music, and various other ensembles as I tried to carve out a satisfying creative life, has now  become a deeply gratifying means of reaching out to music lovers and building a community through chamber music. I am fortunate beyond measure to love the work I do and to have developed such a close rapport with those who tirelessly fill our seats at each concert.

When you come to a Mistral concert you are stepping into my living room to share what is important to me, both in music, and in life. From Proust readings about memory and love, to “The Gypsy Spirit,” “Voices of Nature,” and “Souvenirs from Abroad,” our concerts find common threads in programs which merge the old with the new and (hopefully) transport you to new emotional heights.  Our musicians are exceptional, communicative artists who perform with plenty of high jinks, energy, and personal connection to you. Chamber music the way it’s supposed to be!

If this is your first time here, please take a look around, listen to some recent performances, and get to know us.  We do have a Youtube station (or is it a channel?) and you can find many of our live performances there or on our ‘Watch and Listen’ menu item.  Facebook is the best way to stay in close touch with us, so if you’re  inclined, please “like” our page to stay connected, get photos and see/hear video clips of our concerts.

We urge you to tell your friends about us, to come back  often to this site and  to our concerts, and to rely on Mistral for the power and pleasure of music.

I always love to hear from you –

Warmest wishes and see you from the stage!

~ JulieIMG_9868